"To The Universe of Shree Varenya Solar System"

Consultation of Solar System

Technical Feasibility, Energy Yield assessment using PVSyst, Basic Engineering and procurement assistance, Detailed Engineering and preparation of construction drawings, Owner’s Engineering and Design validation services, Project Management & Site supervision services, Due-diligence study at site with I-V tracing kit & IR thermographic camera to assess PV modules.

Commercial Solar System

EPC for MW Scale Solar, Complete solar energy solution, Turnkey EPC, Solar Water Pumping, Street Lights, Solar Water Heater and Various Types of Solar Products Manufacturing and Supplier.

Dealing of Solar Products

Assembly / Dealing in various types of solar products like Mini Home Lighting Systems, Solar LED Mini Lamps, Solar LED Study Lamps, Solar 3 W LED Light.

Gain energy independence

Shree Varenya Solar provides best solution which depends on sun which is free to serve you the energy independently.

What We Do

Solar Pumping, Street-Light, Fencing

We provides solar pumping system range 0.5-50 HP, Li-ion Based LED Street lights and also do the solar fencing.

Home Energy Saving

We provides best solar solution on OFF / ON Grid Rooftops, Mini Home lighting systems, Solar Water Heater and All types of LED Products.

Wind-Solar Hybrid Power

We provides wind-solar hybrid power generating system.








Our Recent Works

"SHREE VARENYA SOLAR has successfully completed one of the prestigious project of 350 kWp at JNPT, Uran."

"And total 1.25 MWp Solar Power Plant Structural and Electrical Detailing and Designing completed."

DC Solar Pumping System

5 HP DC Solar pumping system installed at Wada (Thane).

Street Light & Home Light

Solar Street Light system and Home Lighting system installed at Neral(Thane).

Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater System installed at Palghar(Thane).