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About Solar Energy

Solar power captures radiant light and heat from the sun and converts it into clean energy that can be used to power homes, businesses and machinery..

Types of solar power
There are three basic types of solar power system designs that you can use in homes and businesses: Passive solar energy, active solar energy and solar thermal energy.
The key difference between an active solar system and a passive solar system is this: Passive solar energy uses the heat of the sun, while an active solar system uses the sun's irradiance, or radiation (the sun's rays), which it converts to electricity to power systems in your home

How do solar panels work?

About Shree Varenya Solar System

Introduction of company
The company is established in 2016 and situated in Thane Dist. Maharashtra and in business of Consulting, Installation, Suppliers & Manufacturing Various types of renewable energy equipment’s like Solar PV Module, Solar Water Heater, Solar Inverters, Solar Lantern, Solar Cooker, Solar Street Light, Wind -Solar Hybrid Power Generating Systems, On Grid / OFF Grid Rooftop Solar Photo-voltaic (PV) System, Solar Power Pack and various other quality Solar Products.

All these equipment’s are cost effective and it means best products with best features and warm regards provided by ‘SHREE VARENYA SOLAR’ to everyone’s life.

The company is based upon Eco-friendly nature so company trying to creates own identity in the market of green and clean energy and company also helps in establishing ‘Sol-Green Revolution' on our planet and to carry brighter and energetic sun rays to human life by using the natural sources of energy and minimizing the use of conventional fuels.

Company plays vital role in cost control and saving energy through the solar equipment’s.

Objectives of Company:

  • To provide renewable energy products to the society.
  • To establish India as a global leader in solar energy.
  • To improve moral and good public relation.
  • To create awareness with respect to renewable energy sources on earth.

Mission Statement:
Produce Eco-friendly energy products for ‘Sol-Green Revolution'.

Vision Statement:
To become a leading company of renewable energy equipment’s for saving earth from global warming.

Nature of Work

‘SHREE VARENYA SOLAR SYSTEM’ is engaged in installation, Consulting and also having manufacturing Unit of renewable energy products like Solar Mini Lights ,Solar Led Study Lights and Solar Led Home Lights , and also be in Manufacturing Others Solar Products in Future. Which are not only cost and energy savers but also eco-friendly. The company will be produces all types of solar equipment’s like Solar PV module, Solar Water Heater, Solar Inverter, Solar Home Light System, Solar Street Light, Solar Cooker, On Grid / OFF Grid Rooftop solar Photovoltaic (PV) system etc. All these are renewable products, which utilize energy from sun light and give benefits to user.